This list shows all of the UK Championship shows for 2023 where Kennel Club Challenge Certificates are on offer for Newfoundlands. Also included are the Breed Club Open Shows for 2023.

We update this list with the judges, links to schedules and closing dates when they are known.

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  Closing dates for entries
Date Show Venue Postcode Judge (info) Postal Online
05 January (Thursday) Boston & District Canine Society Peterborough PE2 6HE Mr. Milan D. Lint (Pouch Cove - USA)
22 January (Sunday) Manchester Dog Show Society Stafford ST18 0BD Mr. Kevin Young (non-breed specialist - Sunkap)
25 February (Saturday) The Newfoundland Club (Open Show) Coventry CV8 2LZ Mr. Gavin Robertson (non-breed specialist - Soletrader)
10 March (Friday) Crufts Birmingham B40 1NT Mr. John J. Burrows (Mayoss)
01 April (Saturday) Northern Newfoundland Club Markfield LE67 9RJ Mr. Attila Soós (Midnight Lady's - Hungary)
15 April (Saturday) Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales Builth Wells LD2 3SY Mr. Graham A. Hill (non-breed specialist - Dimland)
28 April (Friday) West of England Ladies' Kennel Society Malvern WR13 6NW Mrs. Maxine Munday (Kubear)
04 May (Thursday) Birmingham National Dog Show Stafford ST18 0BD Mr. Howard Ogden (non-breed specialist- Beauview)
13 May (Saturday) Southern Newfoundland Club (Open Show) Coventry CV8 2LZ Mr. Mark Cocozza (non-breed specialist - Freecloud)
21 May (Sunday) Scottish Kennel Club Edinburgh EH28 8NB Mrs. Kirsteen J. Farrar (Darkpeak)
27 May (Saturday) Bath Canine Society Bath BA1 8EG Mrs. Sue Lloyd-Denman (Stelamah)
04 June (Sunday) Southern Counties Canine Association Thatcham RG18 9QZ Ms. Maggi Bryant (non-breed specialist - Panelma)
10 June (Saturday) Three Counties Agricultural Society Malvern WR13 6NW Mr. Keith Baldwin (non-breed specialist - Nightstorm) Closed Closed
18 June (Sunday) Border Union Agricultural Society Kelso TD5 8LS Mrs. Pam Leech (Mileoak) Closed Closed
25 June (Sunday) Blackpool & District Canine Society Blackpool PR4 0UA Mr. Robin A. W. Searle (non-breed specialist - Surlson) Closed Closed
30 June (Friday) Windsor Dog Show Society Windsor SL4 6HX Mr. Ian Sexton (non-breed specialist - Greenmile) Closed Closed
08 July (Saturday) East Of England Agricultural Society Oakham LE15 7TW Mr. Stuart J. Mallard (non-breed specialist - Tuckles) Closed 12/06/2023 23:59:00
15 July (Saturday) The Newfoundland Club (Open Show) Malvern WR13 6NW Mrs. Suzanne Blake (Sandbears) 17/06/2023 26/06/2023 23:59:00
15 July (Saturday) National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society Malvern WR13 6NW Mrs. Liz Dunhill (non-breed specialist) 07/06/2023 21/06/2023 11:59:00
29 July (Saturday) Leeds City & District Canine Association Harewood LS17 9LQ Mrs. Debbie Stansbury (non-breed specialist - Woodbriar) 30/06/2023 10/07/2023 11:59:00
04 August (Friday) Paignton & District Fanciers' Association Clyst EX5 1DJ Mrs. Chris John (non-breed specialist - Cristakell) 15/06/2023 03/07/2023 11:59:00
05 August (Saturday) Northern Newfoundland Club (Open Show) Markfield LE67 9RJ Mrs. Karen Fitzsimmons (non-breed specialist - Lanleadane)
13 August (Sunday) Bournemouth Canine Association Poole BH16 6ES Mrs. C. E. Cartledge (non-breed specialist - Ryslip) 08/07/2023 17/07/2023 11:59:00
17 August (Thursday) Welsh Kennel Club Builth Wells LD2 3SY Ms. Genoveffa Giambona (Trinashores) 15/07/2023 24/07/2023 11:59:00
27 August (Sunday) Driffield Agricultural Society Wetherby LS22 5EJ Mr. Barrie M. Croft (non-breed specialist - Malcro) 12/07/2023 26/07/2023 11:59:00
31 August (Thursday) City of Birmingham Canine Association Coventry CV8 2LZ Ms. Delia E. Sarson (Swanpool) 10/07/2023 24/07/2023 11:59:00
10 September (Sunday) Richmond Dog Show Society Guildford GU3 1HY Mrs. Trish L. Goodyear (non-breed specialist - Harvestbank)
17 September (Sunday) Darlington Dog Show Society Ripon HG4 1UG Mrs. Anne P. Springthorpe (Millthorpe) 08/08/2023 22/08/2023 11:59:00
24 September (Sunday) Belfast Dog Show Society Belfast BT27 5RF Mr. Stephen Atkinson (non-breed specialist)
30 September (Saturday) Scottish Kennel Club Edinburgh EH28 8NB Mr. Stephen Kinsella (Kenamu - EIRE)
15 October (Sunday) South Wales Kennel Association Builth Wells LD2 3SY Miss Susan Wardle (non-breed specialist) 25/08/2023 04/09/2023 23:59:00
21 October (Saturday) The Newfoundland Club Coventry CV8 2LZ Mr . Ángel Maestro Lafuente (Anmalamual - Spain)
29 October (Sunday) Midland Counties Canine Society Stafford ST18 0BD Mr. T. J. Hedd Richards (Sheridel)
04 November (Saturday) Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland Edinburgh EH28 8NB Mr. Steven Anderson (Gezandos)
26 November (Sunday) Southern Newfoundland Club Coventry CV8 2LZ Mrs. Sølvi Schjelderup (Schimo - Norway)
09 December (Saturday) Ladies' Kennel Association Stafford ST18 0BD Mrs. Catherine (Margaret) Cox (Coxbrook)