We are Paul and Alison Dodd and we live near Harwich in Essex with our five cats. Our two Newfoundlands who were our inspiration and motivation for our involvement in the breed passed away in 2019. Paul is an Internet Services Provider with a background in programming, database and systems management. Before we decided that Newfoundlands were the right breed for us we did a lot of research (as any prospective new owner should!). In the process we collected a large amount of data from publicly available sources on bloodlines, health and show results. This web site is our way of sharing that data and our love of the breed with other newfie owners, breeders, exhibitors and enthusiasts.


In addition to Internet Services, Paul is also a semi-professional photographer specialising in photographing dog shows and other canine activities in all breeds. He is a member of the team of show photographers for the Our Dogs newspaper and many of the exclusive photographs on this site are his work.

Thanks & Acknowledgements

Our new baby, Sandbears Perfection
Beatrice at 12 weeks old

We are eternally grateful to Suzanne Blake of Sandbears who entrusted us with our first Newfoundland, our beautiful Flo and later our sweet-natured monster Beatrice, both of whom who sadly passed away recently.

Please, don't ever buy a Newfoundland puppy from anyone other than a genuine and credible breeder, one who is committed to the standards laid down by the Kennel Club and Breed Clubs. Such breeders can always be contacted through the Club web sites listed on our links page.

We would also like to thank Joanne Watts and 'Gina' (Swanpool Gina Lollobrigida, who later became and Champion and sadly passed away at a good age). Gina was the first Newfoundland that we met 'close-up' and her sweet expression and amiable and affectionate nature instantly convinced us that the legendary Newfoundland temperament was no myth and a newfie was for us - she has a lot to answer for!


We are grateful to the members of Grangewaters Working Newfoundlands, in Essex where we got started in water training with Flo as a pup. We are now 'lapsed' but the love of seeing this breed working remains.

Judging & Stewarding

We thoroughly enjoy both showing and working our dogs and recognise that without the judges, stewards and helpers those shows and events could not take place. Because of that, Paul regularly stewards at open shows and water tests and is delighted to have been accepted onto the 'B' list of specialist Newfoundland judges by all three of the UK's breed clubs. He is also now a Section D judge for water tests.

The 'Newfie' Community

The many newfie owners and exhibitors we have met and who have been so friendly and encouraging also deserve a word of thanks, as do those people who have taken the time and trouble to email us with kind remarks and constructive suggestions which have helped us to develop this web site.

If you see us at a show or working event, come up and say "hello" and let us know you have visited our site. We are always happy to have comments (good ones hopefully!) and suggestions.

Jan and "Ruby" - a picture of contentment.

"Head to Hedd"
- "Gracie" with her breeder Hedd Richards.

Photo byPaul Dodd

"Flo" at eight months with Alison - not strictly a 'working shot' but taken shortly after a water training session.

14 June 2008

Photo bySteve Walker

"Yogi" - power dive, newfie style!

"Zoe" gets a thumbs-up from 'Mum' Cindy for a boat pull on her first (!) training session.

Photo byPaul Dodd

"Maia" in a typical boat towing image.

Photo byPaul Dodd

An artistic render of our "Flo".

Photoshop byCindy Walker